Decent cheesesteak and salad bowl.. The resturant is more of a takeout place, as they only have about 8 seats for dining in. The food was quick.. The food was a solid 3 stars.
Christopher P via - Dec 10, 2017
quick and tasty
don't go here enough--but enjoy it when we do. really enjoy grilled onions and where else can you get a sandwich with cheese whiz! like seeing them cook the food in front of me, no sitting around in warmers. got ours to go as the...More ... read more
gordon h via - Nov 26, 2017
Foood is pretty good, A lot of choices fo a local delivery place.. Only problem is delivery takes to long. Other than that the food is great.
Lawanda Konate via - Nov 10, 2017
I felt very welcomed at PCF!!! I loved the customer service. My son recommended you all and I must say that he was right!!!! Thank​ you so much!!!!!
Donna Rush via - Nov 7, 2017
Cheese steak was on point. The ...
Cheese steak was on point. The roll was fresh, the meat was cooked to medium, lots of shrooms and cheez-wiz. The wings, which I only got because grub hub has a minimum order, were not great. But it's not called the wing factory. I should have just bought 2 sandwiches. Will definitely order again, but I'll go get it myself next time, ... read more
Lynsey T. via - Nov 6, 2017
Great food, nice employees and it's a nice quiet atmosphere to sit and enjoy your food while watching some TV.
Devin Price via - Oct 28, 2017
Fresh fast hot food to order ... read more
John McNeil via - Oct 26, 2017
Quick local greasy spoon with decent cheesesteaks and other fried foods.
Robert Hernandez via - Oct 21, 2017
Food is very good ... read more
Toney G via - Oct 6, 2017
This place defines why I don't ...
This place defines why I don't read yelp for the DC area...PCF got crap reviews and the place was amazing. I can't wait to try more off of their menu. Its cheap, fast, employees were nice, portions were people!I got a cheesesteak with hot peppers, onions, mushrooms and cheese start with, the sandwich was huge. ... read more
Fred E. via - Oct 1, 2017
Not a bad cheesesteak. Ordering was easy and the cook and man at the counter were friendly. Not a lot of room to sit inside but there are a couple of tables out front to enjoy your meal. Limited parking.
Robert A via - Sep 27, 2017
If you live anywhere near the painful ...
If you live anywhere near the painful stretch of road that is Duke St, you've driven by a delicious hot sandwich stop. The food -- delicious cheesesteaks, but also solid burgers, salads, and pizza -- is great. My experience with the staff has been a mixed bag though. That's a real shame because the first experience at the register re ... read more
Gerrit D. via - Aug 25, 2017
Wonderful as always ... read more
Jon O via - Aug 21, 2017
Nice people and food is good ... read more
Paige Gaskins via - Aug 18, 2017
Just go order and pick up! The cooks a great guy making great steaks. This is manager bringing my food out at 9:59.
Eric Hallberg via - Jul 26, 2017
Classic and on point ... read more
Niko Toscano via - Jun 10, 2017
Very good cheesetake!
Sasa Mihajlovic via - May 19, 2017
Go there all the time! Love it!
Go there all the time! Love it!
Heather Marie D. via - May 16, 2017
Instead of driving 5 hours plus ...
Instead of driving 5 hours plus tolls for a great steak n cheese I suggest going here...
Heraldo E. via - Apr 29, 2017
THIS IS THE REAL THING!!!!I'm from ...
THIS IS THE REAL THING!!!!I'm from Philadelphia and was hungry for a "taste of home" when I discovered PCF!Now I cannot get enough of their cheesesteaks!   Made to order, to my picky specifications!  And the rolls even are straight out of Philly!Idi, Carlos, and the sweet women who work the counter are great too!Thank you for helping ... read more
Dr K. via - Apr 28, 2017
I always drive by this place and ...
I always drive by this place and decided to check it out and I'm thinking I might just go back again, next time I'm in the area shoot might drive all across the Wilson Woodrow bridge just to get another one glad I decided to check it out ... read more
Mike H. via - Apr 27, 2017
Food is extremely good. ... read more
eyan spaulding via - Apr 21, 2017
The sandwiches are great and the menu has a lot more to offer too. Hoagies, pizzas, grinders, calzones, sides and more! I'm working nearby temporarily and will be back tomorrow! It was clean inside too.
charlie fowler via - Apr 18, 2017
The cheese steaks are fresh and ...
The cheese steaks are fresh and heavy you can also go online on their wesbite and get a coupon. The delivery of the food was fast and they even brought over napkins and played without asking! Dope service and prices are very decent. My son loved the fries and yea yes we order from there about 3 times out of the week when I was pregna ... read more
Gyamfi L. via - Apr 10, 2017
First time DC'ers, and our first ...
First time DC'ers, and our first stop for food. Walking in, right off the bat you know the food is going to be good. The clanking of the spatchula cutting and grounding up the chicken and steak as they make yiur order fresh to order.   I ordered the chicken cheesesteak with the cheese wiz and cheese fries, and the gf ordered the orig ... read more
Billy M. via - Mar 24, 2017
After an okay experience with a ...
After an okay experience with a cheesesteak from another spot, we decided to try Philadelphia Cheesesteak Factory. Right off the bat, I knew I would like this place because the first Community question was "Does this place use cheez whiz for the sandwiches?" and the answer is YES. I know not everyone understands this but give whiz wi ... read more
Diana S. via - Mar 21, 2017
Food was great!
Jackie Oh via - Mar 21, 2017
Great food and people prices are a bit high but for the food and service I'll pay for it.
Travis Alvarado via - Mar 16, 2017
An ok cheesestake compared to the real thing. ... read more
Charles Tomasello via - Mar 10, 2017
Best pizza in Alexandria ! ... read more
William Durham via - Mar 10, 2017
Alright, cyber bullies, Emilie ...
Alright, cyber bullies, Emilie is here to give the lady at the counter some praise since you all are total douche tools. She does her job, she isn't rude, and it's a  damn cheesesteak hole in the wall for fucks sake. Not sure why anyone is expecting a hostess from Mastro's to be taking their pizza order LOL. Take a seat with your ent ... read more
Emilie B. via - Mar 2, 2017
I've been to most of the big cheesestake ...
I've been to most of the big cheesestake places in Philly; Jim's, Pat's, Geno's, and Ishkabibbles. Considering this place was in NOVA, it was pretty good! The bread is perfect, the place feels authentic, and the service is fast. However, if you get cheese wiz they just pump it on top of the cheesestake and then when you eat it, you j ... read more
Allison G. via - Feb 25, 2017
Pretty good overall, but I think ...
Pretty good overall, but I think it's a wee pricey for the portions and cuisine. The cheesesteak tasted pretty good, but my roll was a little soggy. Wish it came with some fries for the price. But it was a decent meal. Delivery took a little while, but wasn't awful. It was a pretty okay experience.
Hope H. via - Feb 20, 2017
The food is is excellent but the ...
The food is is excellent but the lady who answers the phone sounds like a complete ass. She needs a attitude check ... read more
Kirt B. via - Feb 19, 2017
This place is a pretty legit stuff ...
This place is a pretty legit stuff your face joint. The food is good enough for the purpose and the two people working the counter -  a gritty and tough yet approachable lady with tattoos and an African dude cooking everything to order - provide an authentic feeling to the experience.  Totally bare bones interior doesn't invite eatin ... read more
Gibbet T. via - Feb 3, 2017
Great food ... read more
Jamie A via - Feb 3, 2017
not a cheesesteak connoisseur..but the cheesesteak was ok..The cheesesteak was not soggy, juicy, or dry.. it was l moist The cook made my cheesesteak in a hurry..which kind of puts the question is the cheese steak cooked thoroughly? The cashier named Jamie did have a attitude when taking my order 2.5 stars ... read more
Shawn Smith via - Feb 3, 2017
People are haters, I LOVE this place! I work up the street and they take care of me. When I was renovating they would even call before they turned off the grill to see if I needed anything. This is authentic Philly food and local business, always quick and hot when they deliver, yummy and great prices. ... read more
team little. via - Feb 3, 2017
I live close to PCF and love cheesesteaks ...
I live close to PCF and love cheesesteaks so was excited to try this. Noticing they had like a ton of pizza on the menu, we ordered a cheeseburger pizza and two cheesesteaks. The cheesesteaks were really awesome. I was actually reminded of cheesesteaks that come from Philadelphia which is a huge compliment. They tasted fantastic. The ... read more
Anna N. via - Jan 30, 2017
My cheesesteak fix has been filled ...
My cheesesteak fix has been filled.This was a pretty darn good deal for one, especially in the D.C. area where I have been let down. Jersey Mike's does a good job with it, but that's chain. I was fairly disappointed with Jerry's. This place did a good job with it, soggy bread notwithstanding.My cheesesteak is fairly simple, but not f ... read more
Matthew S. via - Jan 25, 2017
Ordered the Ultimate cheesesteak ...
Ordered the Ultimate cheesesteak for delivery but instead got the Ultimate Chicken Cheesesteak. I was really craving that cheesesteak too. Oh well.
Judy K. via - Jan 17, 2017
For my money, the best cheesesteak ...
For my money, the best cheesesteak in the DAV (District and Virginia, heh).  Believe me, I've tried to find a better one in the area (including Del Ray and every "pizza" place in the area), but none compares.  Is it as good as the ones in Philly?  Mo, but this is NoVA and we will take what we can get when it comes to regional America ... read more
Michael T. via - Jan 10, 2017
IT's not a bad substitute for the real thing
Look if you are from Philly this place won't compare. My dad is Philly born and bred and all I have heard since I was a child is that you can't find good cheesesteaks or hoagies outside of the city. I was hoping this place...More ... read more
Naoji W via - Jan 7, 2017
Best cheesesteak in DMV. I always come here for my fix. Never a long wait for food, even when they are super busy. Love them here!
O'mar Mozelle via - Dec 12, 2016
Food is good.  Delivery took 50 ...
Food is good.  Delivery took 50 min and I'm two blocks away.  Note to self, carry out next time.
Hamid M. via - Nov 30, 2016
I love a cheese steak sub and this ...
I love a cheese steak sub and this place did not disappoint!  My husband got the chicken Philly with wedges, I myself was not a fan of the wedges, but he loved it! Definitely will be ordering again.
Christina D. via - Nov 29, 2016
We ordered from here trying to ...
We ordered from here trying to find a decent pizza spot that wasn't super expensive. The wings were small, not worth the money you spend for it. The ordering online system is kind of funky. The pizza was $9.99 but it's a $2.00 for each additional topping. It's a typical NY style pizza. We had a sausage and mushroom pizza. It took ove ... read more
Latrice R. via - Nov 27, 2016
Forget the fries, but what a burger!!
I read about this place via Yelp and I wanted to try it out so I took my two sons to go check it out. I've seen the place before and thought nothing of it, but I was wrong. When we got in, there were...More ... read more
corkscrewd via - Nov 23, 2016
Being from Philadelphia, everywhere ...
Being from Philadelphia, everywhere I travel or move, I try to find a legit cheesesteak. This one was pretty standard Philly cheesesteak. I usually get American wit and wiz on the side to dip it in. This was a great cheesesteak, nicely seasoned meat, hot and gooey on a nice soft roll. I was completely satisfied. I can't believe that ... read more
Peeter Y. via - Nov 2, 2016
Prompt, and polite delivery. I ...
Prompt, and polite delivery. I ordered the chicken cheesesteak with cheese fries. Really good!  I will order from them again sometime.
Juliana N. via - Nov 1, 2016
Oh my gosh! This steak & cheese ...
Oh my gosh! This steak & cheese is soooo yummy!! Wow is all I can say just wow! Full of meat and flavor u can't ask for anything more. Pick your preference and I'm sure you'll be happy with the results. My fries were even still hot upon delivery!
Angela T. via - Oct 28, 2016
I gave them another opportunity ...
I gave them another opportunity and they were better than the first time. Fries were still great and the steak was better. Very hearty portion too. I chose delivery this time. Took an hour, the place is only 4 miles away, but the food was still hot when it got here so I'm sure he was their only delivery driver.Order online. The girl ... read more
Chad W. via - Oct 25, 2016
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